X KPI is a spreadsheet program that allows:
> managing financial and non-financial KPI's
> comparing KPI over any time period
> analysing actual vs target metrics

X KPI you can apply Balanced Scorecard system to your company.


What can you do with our software ?

1 Create, manage and monitor 100 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
2 Categorize KPI’s for perspective and dimension of analysis
3 Assign KPI’s to department/office managers and horizontal processes
4 Manage 5 years of values (actual and target)
5 Create a strategic plan for each year of analysis
6 Analyze data on different periods by pivot tools
7 Compare actual and target data through customizable charts


Getting started has never been so faster !

There’s no software to install or servers to manage.
Just open X KPI and start checking your performance.
You can duplicate, rename and copy your file, so as to create different scenarios.